About us

elbmind GmbH

Questions are the key to change.
We help companies to more efficient and profitable business processes with our consulting and development services. Together we develop ideas for improved business processes and implement them with realistic effort. We help you to change successfully in stagnant business processes in the gears of digital complexity.

Working for large corporations as well as medium-sized companies since 2013, we have experienced, accompanied and automated a large number of projects, processes and the suffering of companies and institutions. The focus is on people and what is feasible is our benchmark.
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Individual benefits

There are many ways to change and improve processes in the company.

We believe we can identify benefits that should make them try us.

We understand the users of the processes

Our many years of experience in changing business processes has brought us to the realization that the focus of change is on people and their understanding of the processes. Automation must never be an end in itself. No solution without people.

We use "Low Code" solutions

We are convinced of the low code approach in the development of business processes. Thus, the change and the possibility of processing the same is not reserved for a specialized team of experts, but the user himself can intervene and change quickly.

We've seen a lot

In our projects we have repeatedly analyzed and improved typical processes in companies. The customer often thinks, “everything is different with me”! no Very often it is always the same processes that cause the suffering. Profit from our experiences.

company philosophy

we have the question

We do not promise to solve all problems. No! We want to ask the right questions. Clear and simple. Only the honest question allows a cognitive process to be initiated in order to break out of mistakes or deadlocked perspectives and to learn. We're never there. The feasible, the pragmatic, the implemented is the measure of real improvement. People are at the center of the processes. Everyone involved must benefit from changes. Courage, determination and participation of all people involved is our benchmark. Contact us and let us convince you.